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Garlands and Lights on the Stair Banister



Yesterday was our 19th wedding anniversary. Initially, I was planning on an out-of-town trip. All four of us. But the girls’ schedules wouldn’t permit it. Sam just wrapped up with a music video that she and her friend had been shooting for the past several weeks. They just finished post production and they’re now about to start with a short film.

We see very little of her these days. So, I told myself we could go on a trip when everyone’s free.

Saturday evening, Speedy started putting up the garlands and lights on the staircase. Sam’s idea. She had been itching to do this for the last two years, we never got around to doing it, now that we finally have, she’s not home long enough to enjoy it. Oh, well.

Speedy and I started planning on a Sunday evening dinner out with the girls but, almost as soon as she arrived on Saturday evening, Sam announced that she would have to go back to the condo on Sunday morning. I told Speedy we could have that dinner another time.

Since Speedy was driving Sam to a friend’s house from where they would proceed to the condo, I said I’d tag along so we could go back to Dapitan after dropping Sam off. We didn’t have enough garlands because I miscalculated the measurements (I’m so, so bad in Math). I told Speedy it would be a quick trip to Dapitan because I remembered distinctly from which stall I bought the garlands.

There’s a closer view of the garlands. Made of fabric with dainty red flowers and flecks of gold here and there. A piece of garland is six feet long. We’ve used up all four pieces that I had bought and we still needed another four pieces.

It was almost noon when we reached Dapitan. Parking was a problem so Speedy suggested that he just wait in the pick-up so he wouldn’t have to keep driving ’round and ’round looking for a parking space.

To make a long story short, there were no more garlands. Not the exact kind we already have, anyway. I was obliged to buy the most similar looking design. Size and shape of the leaves were very similar but not the same shade of green. But no flowers nor gold embellishments.

From Dapitan, we had a quick lunch at Ma Mon Luk (service was just terrible). We needed onions so we passed by the supermarket. Alex called up: could we buy cellophane paper and a few other things for her art project? So, from the supermarket, we drove to National Bookstore. Again, no parking so Speedy waited in the pick-up while I bought the art supplies that Alex needed.

Apparently, while I was in the bookstore, Speedy took a peek at the newly-bought garlands. When I got back, he commented that the leaves were a lighter shade of green. I said, well, it was the most similar looking I could find. But that’s not the kicker.

As soon as we got home, Speedy proceeded to unpack the garlands. Apparently, it was the first time that he got a really good look at them. He lifted one up, scowled and said, “Ano ba ito, talbos ng kamote (What is this, sweet potato tops)?” Hmph! Antipatiko. It’s not like I didn’t agonize over the predicament as soon as I found out that I couldn’t get the kind that he had already put up on the banister the previous night.

Anyway, it was the first and last grouchy comment that he made. He proceeded to put up the talbos ng kamote just the same. If that looks anything like talbos ng kamote, that has got to be the sexiest looking talbos ng kamote ever.

And the 19th anniversary dinner? Well, Speedy and I have a new routine. We go out on a date every Monday evening. We can have that dinner tonight and go on another dinner with the girls when they’re both home during the Christmas break.